Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What Are Your Prayers Like?

We humans are a competitive lot choosing sides in all kinds of games, wars, and contest. For some strange reason we seem to expect God to take our side in the competition and we pray that way. At a recent basketball game both sides were praying for God to help their team win. Whose side is God on?

Even in Church meetings people choose up sides in arguments and pray for God to let them win. Choose sides between people in the same church? Do we think that God is that petty? Perhaps it is our prayers that are petty.

Jesus tells us to pray for our enemies not against them. So what do we do with that when our very human desire is to win?  The real question is not is God on our side but are we on God’s side.

So how should we pray? A clue can be found in the prayer of a young King Solomon who prayed for wisdom to make good decisions. If I pray for God to give me wisdom, and strength to fulfill my calling in life then I will succeed. I think our petty prayers don’t get past the ceiling but that our prayers for us to do the right thing are fulfilled.

What are your prayers like?