Saturday, March 7, 2009

New Tree

Here you can see all that is left of the old maple tree which is now stacked and ready for splitting. It will provide fire wood for many years to come.

Today we planted a new Sourwood tree in the back yard not far from the stump of the old maple tree. We are going to have the stump ground down and the lawn repaired. 

It is only 8 foot tall but it will grow and blossom and in the fall the mint green leaves will turn a bright red.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Perfect Sum Day

March six two thousand and nine is a "Perfect Sum Day."
What do I mean?

Just an interesting tid bit to make you smile

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ann Weemes Poetry

I have a book called "Kneeling in Jerusalem" by Ann Weems one of my favorite poets. Here is her poem called "LENT"

Lent is a time to take the time
To let thepower of our faith story take hold of us,
a time to let the events 
get up and walke around in us,
a time to intensify,
our living unto Christ,
a time to hover over
the thoughts of our hearts,
a time to place our feet in the streets of Jerusalem
or to walk along the sea and listen to his word,
a time to touch his robe
and feel the healing surge through us,
a time to ponder and a time to wonder...
Lent is a time to allow a fresh new taste of God!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Join the Choir

For most Church's the choir is a small dedicated group of singers. Some of them can read music and some can not. Very few if any feel confident singing a solo but when they sing together, with the leadership of a director, they sound wonderful.

They spend time and effort in practice learning the words and music. The learn to start together and stop together. The develop a sense of singing with one voice.

Being a Christian is a lot like singing in a choir. We are not just one voice among many but voices blended to study the scriptures and seek direction from God. We strive to be sensitive to the other spirits around us and understand how they feel and what they need. We learn to give and receive support from members of our faith community. By working in harmony with fellow saints at God's direction we can make heavenly music together. If we try to work out our faith alone we usually create discord in the music around us. So  ---  JOIN THE CHOIR!

Monday, March 2, 2009

My First Place Trophy

I competed at my Toastmasters Club International Speech Contest and took first place. 
This is my trophy for my win.

I will now compete in the area level with the winners of the other four clubs in our area. If I win that I Will go on to division and then district.

I love Toastmasters.

9,000+ Hymns

There are times when the aches and pains of life make me grumble and groan. I am tempted to succumb to the age old grip of, "Why me Lord?" and wallow in self pity.

Then I read a book called "Her Heart Can See"  by Edith L. Blumhofer about the life of Fanny Crosby and all thoughts of self pity fade in to nothingness. Fanny was born in 1820 with two strikes against her. She was female during a time when women in America were still chattel and she was blind. It was to say the least a tough life but she also had a talent for words and she used it.

Over the course of her almost 95 years she wrote over nine thousand hymns and many of them are favorites of mine. "Blessed Assurance" and "Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross" are just two of them.

Well my troubles are few and my blessing are many.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Walking Tours

I enjoy walking with my wife on nice evenings and taking the mayor's walking tour of our community. The walking tours helps me keep abreast of what is going on as people stop me to ask about something or to tell the mayor about a problem.

I have also discovered a lot of regular walkers that walk our streets. Some are determined strider's who stop for nothing. Some are walking their dogs or children in strollers. There are also small groups who always walk together chatting up a storm. Other yak on their cell phones the whole time - perhaps it is the only way to get some privacy. Most have good manners but a few are grumpy guses walkers who have nothing good to say. It is a good thing that ours is a safe neighborhood to walk in because a few are always deep in thought and could get run over otherwise.

I love my walking tours of Bellemeade