Saturday, March 20, 2010

Preaching Sunday

I am preaching at Corydon Christian Church in Corydon Indiana at 10:30 Sunday morning.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Cajun Went To Hell

A Cajun who died went to hell.  The devil assigned him the usual punishment…put him in the mass pit where the
heat was melting others.
The devil came back sometime later surprised to find the Cajun just sitting around, not even misting, much less
sweating.  “How come you’re not so much as sweating here where everyone else is screaming for relief from the heat?”  The Cajun
laughed and said, “Man, I was raised in the bayous of Sout Looziana.  Dis
 ain’t nothin’ but May in Morgan City to me!”
The devil decided to really put the Cajun through it.  He put him in a sealed off cave in the pit with open blazes and
four extra furnaces blasting.
 When he came back, days later, the Cajun was sitting pretty, had barely begun to bead up with sweat.  The
devil was outraged.  “How is this possible!?  You should be melted to a
 shrieking puddle in these conditions!..”  The Cajun laughed even
harder than before.  “Hey, man!
 I done tole you.  I was raised in Sout Looziana.  You tink dis is heat?!Dis ain’t nothin’ but August in Cow Island!”
Cross Bones
So the devil thought, ‘Alright, a little reverse ought to do the trick.’ He put the Cajun into a corner of hell where no heat ever reached.
It was freezing and to add to the Cajun’s
 misery, he added massive icebergs and blasting frozen air.  When he returned, the Cajun was
shivering, ice hung from every part of him but he
 was grinning like it was Christmas. Exasperated, the devil asked “HOW!?  How is it
possible?!  You’re impervious to heat and here you sit in conditions
 you can’t be used to….freezing cold and yet you’re happier than
if you were in heaven.
The Cajun kept grinning and asked, “Don’t dis mean de Saints won da Super Bowl?”Bop

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring YEA!

It feels like spring today and I am heading out to Jefferson Memorial Forrest to work on the trails.Cloud Nine

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

TV Ads Grrrr

I was watching TV last night and a typical laundry detergent ad came on where a man in a clean white shirt is standing next to his wife. Then a man in a bright white shirt comes and stands next to him. The wife gets a sheepish look as the husband glares at her because she used the wrong detergent.
It reminded me of the really old “ring around the collar” TV ads that did the same thing. Guilt really sells. Except my mother would mutter, “Tell the man to scrub his neck.”
Happy No
All these ads use gimmicks to sell us something we would not purchase otherwise. They make us feel bad about ourselves unless we use their product. I sometimes worry that our self image is being screwed up by all this manipulation. What do you think?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Thanks Little Critter

About a hundred years ago one of God’s little critters buried an acorn in the ground that is now my back yard.


That critter forgot where it was hidden and that acorn is now a huge white oak that give me lots of pleasure. Thanks little critter of long ago.

Big Grin