Thursday, October 18, 2012

From Saints to Deamons

From 371 AD the Church has celebrated an ALL SAINTS DAY it was sometimes referred to as All Hallows Day. By 741 AD November first became the regular day for that great feast and celebration. It was and is a time to remember all the saints of the church who have gone before us. It has been a good celebration.

Sometime during the dark ages when superstition was at its height, people began to fret about demons being on the loose on All Hallows Eve. Naturally that became an excuse for pranksters to play tricks on people. By the time this tradition transferred to the shores of America, Halloween as All Hallows Eve was being called had grown to the status of a national holiday. Commercial interest keeps the tradition alive and well. Kids will be out in numbers with calls of "Trick or Treat" and the rest of us will fill their sacks with candy.

It may seem strange that a holy day could be so turned that the day before becomes a time to celebrate things we normally consider evil. Everyone knows about Halloween, but many people have forgotten All Saints Day. This November First take some time to think about the saints of your church or your family who have died in the past year.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

What Owns Us?

In the Gospel according to Mark chapter ten Jesus tells a rich young man that if he wants to enter the Kingdom of Heaven he must sell everything and give the money to the poor and then follow Jesus. The young man could not do it and his money owned him.

The question for us is “What owns us?”  What keeps us from following Jesus completely? There are many things that view for our attention such as money, wealth, power, houses, cars, pets, success in business and other people. The list of possibilities is quite long. What are the things that come between us and God?

To put all that in perspective we can ask what can we take with us when we die. We will not take things or fame. What we take to heaven with us will be our personal spiritual development based on our relationship with God.

So what are you planning to take with you?