Monday, September 23, 2013

The Anniversary Gift

My darling and I recently celebrated out thirty-fifth anniversary. I usually give her some jewelry but this year she said that has too much of that and that she didn't want anything. Well she always says she doesn't want a present but I always do get her one. This year she was insistent that she has quiet enough baubles to take care of.

She has been talking about getting a food processor for some time but has never gotten around to spending the money to purchase one. With that in mind this year I went shopping for a food processor, even though I don’t like giving appliances as an anniversary gift. I found the best Cuisinart food processor available. She was delighted, though chiding me for spending that kind of money on her. I truly love this woman!

Now she is having a ball using the processor and I guess I could not have picked a better gift this year. I may get to use it too.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

First Day of Fall

Fall has arrived and we awoke to a cool day, almost chilly as I went out to get the morning paper. The days are getting notably shorter as far as light goes and the night is longer. It is good sleeping weather. Leaves are starting to fall in the back yard and that is a harbinger of an avalanche of leaves to come in the next few months.

Now is the time to think about and prepare for winter. I must call the chimney sweep and get my kindling ready for winter fires. Soon I will stop cleaning the BBQ grill and start cleaning the glass fire place doors. Hmmm the chores never end do they?

Life is good and I think God for every day that I share with my darling.