Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Chain Letters

Remember the dreaded chain letter? It has returned in many digital forms. It may appear in the form of, "Retweet this and Bill Gates will donate $5 million to charity!" But hold on, let’s think about this. Bill Gates already does a lot for charity. Why would he wait for something like this to take action? 

Answer: He wouldn't. Both the cause and claim are fake.

I have read many of them on Facebook telling me to share or repost. That is not a good idea as many times you open your account information to a fake site. Like the old paper chain letters it is best to ignore them.

So why would someone post this? Good question. It could be some prankster looking for a laugh, or a spammer needing "friends" to hit up later. Many well-meaning people pass these fake claims onto others.

Break the chain and inform your true friends of the likely ruse.