Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Voice In The Night

In First Samuel Chapter three God called Samuel by name in the night. Three times the boy thought is was the High Priest Eli and went to answer him. After the third time that Samuel awakened Eli he told him that it may be God calling so Samuel should respond accordingly.

Samuel heard the call a fourth time and he answered, “Speak for your servant is listening.”  After that God revealed him self and Samuel knew the voice of God. How often do we hear the voice of God and do not pay attention because recognize who is calling us?

Friday, February 25, 2011

From "Misquoting Jesus" 2

An idea from “Misquoting Jesus” contends that scholars have long suspected that some of the letters in the New Testament attributed to Apostles were actually written pseudonymously by second generation followers of those men.

The writing of letters as a means of instruction was very important in the early Christian Church. Letters were copied and sent out to surrounding congregations. They helped make Christianity quite different from the other religions scattered around the Roman Empire. The scattered Christian communities were united by these letters, unified in a common literature.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Misquoting Jesus

I am currently reading a book by Bart D. Ehrman called “Misquoting Jesus” published in 2005. This is a scholarly book so it is not an easy read when you have to check that many end notes. It is a study about how our bible was written and rewritten by the copiers over the years. Some of it is disturbing but most of the revelations are about changes I have known about for many years.

It seems that men who copied scripture often did the wording to meet their own theological bent. Sometimes one monk would make a commentary note in the margin and later the man who was charged with making a new copy would include the commentary in the body of the text. We know this happened because we have found ancient manuscripts with out the changes in them.

More about this book later after I have finished reading the book.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So often we talk about things that have very little importance. We discuss TV reality shows as though the carried some real value and don’t talk about the more important issues in our lives. People wind up searching for answers to life’s questions in all the wrong places. We get diverted by people who want us to fear their opposition.

All of our lives are a search for meaning and understanding. It is both a physical and a spiritual search for truth. What if we were to focus on our relationship with God and apply spiritual truth to our physical living? If we explore the wonders of faith and creation as a unified reality the impact would be awesome. If we were to talk about the things God does our lives people would be drawn to us for direction in their answers.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Plastic Money

Plastic money is certainly handy to have but its allure leads many people astray. It is so easy to charge it to the card and not think about what it will cost a month later. Even worse is that you can make a minimum payment and that is what the credit card companies what you to do. The rates they charge for that can have you deep in debt in short order. We all need credit and we need to be wise about our credit. At the end of the month I always like to make sure my bills are paid in full.

The allure of pleasure can also lead us into a sin deficit until we are in way over our heads. This is why I also spend time in prayer every morning and night confessing my sins and asking for forgiveness. Jesus has provided the way for our eternal credit to be kept in good order. We dare not leave home with out having made our hearts right with God and our account registered as “paid in full” by the Grace of God though Jesus the Christ.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Water, Rice and Dirt

A friend of mine who is a priest referred to “Water, Rice and Dirt Christians.” I said, “What’s that?”

His response was that they were only in church for their baptism, wedding and funeral. Yes I have known people like that. I once started a new church in a small town and thought that at least for a while we would be a church that did not have any inactive members. I was wrong! A couple joined the church on the first Sunday and never returned. They had been inactive members of a distant congregation of my denomination and wanted their inactive membership to be local, just incase they needed the church for a funeral. They already had the baptism and wedding.

The really sad thing is that these people miss out on so much of what the church can offer. Of course that could be a good thing if they belong to a dysfunctional congregation. For most of us a rich faith life shared with other Christians is a tremendous blessing. This morning I am praying for all the water, rice and dirt church members. 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

What a Week-End

I have just returned home from a truly awesome week-end. Every year on Presidents Day week-end the Kentucky Regional Men’s Chorus meets at a state park or a convention center to sing. This year 92 men met at Jenny Wiley State park to rehearse and fellowship.

It is an awesome sound when that many men raise their voices in song and celebration. We put on three concerts this week-end: Pikeville Medical Center, First Christian Church of Pikeville and the Mountain Arts Center.
My voice is raw but my spirits are high. I am also exhausted but in a very good way…..