Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Plastic Money

Plastic money is certainly handy to have but its allure leads many people astray. It is so easy to charge it to the card and not think about what it will cost a month later. Even worse is that you can make a minimum payment and that is what the credit card companies what you to do. The rates they charge for that can have you deep in debt in short order. We all need credit and we need to be wise about our credit. At the end of the month I always like to make sure my bills are paid in full.

The allure of pleasure can also lead us into a sin deficit until we are in way over our heads. This is why I also spend time in prayer every morning and night confessing my sins and asking for forgiveness. Jesus has provided the way for our eternal credit to be kept in good order. We dare not leave home with out having made our hearts right with God and our account registered as “paid in full” by the Grace of God though Jesus the Christ.

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