Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Old Boy Scout

Be Prepared

The old Boy Scout in me remembers the motto: “Be Prepared.”
There were never any limits for that motto we were trained to be prepared for anything and everything. We are to be physically prepared, mentally prepared and spiritually prepared for all of our life.

I was thinking about that for my worship and devoting experience and about how that motto would apply for me today. In my prayers I need to focus my thoughts and center my spirit and make it ready to accept God’s Holy Spirit.

As part of my preparations I open my heart to feel the love of God for me and all humankind. In my open heart I share that love and express my love for all of God’s children.

With my centered spirit and open heart I then can open my mind and clear it of all the noise of my life. Now I can be ready to listen to God.

Being prepared is something this old boy scout does every day in my walk of faith.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Uniform of the Day

Before my darling and I were married I did not own a pair of sweats. My clothes consisted of suits, lots of white shirts and a variety of casual clothes. Not long after our wedding she began to have an influence on what clothing I owned and that included clothing to relax in after hours.

I just looked at the sweats and wondered what on earth. It took some encouragement for me to wear them and then only in the house. Over time I was won over to their comfort and utility. Once they came with pockets I was happy with wearing them a lot more often.

After I retired my sweats have become my Uniform of the Day every day. Going out to church or meetings I don the street clothes or a suit for Sunday but once back home I make the switch as fast as I can. My darling began calling them my uniform and so it is. Sweat shirts, pants, shorts and even jackets are my favorite style of clothing now.

I know it is hard for a husband to admit but 34 years ago my wife was right.