Sunday, November 18, 2012

Uniform of the Day

Before my darling and I were married I did not own a pair of sweats. My clothes consisted of suits, lots of white shirts and a variety of casual clothes. Not long after our wedding she began to have an influence on what clothing I owned and that included clothing to relax in after hours.

I just looked at the sweats and wondered what on earth. It took some encouragement for me to wear them and then only in the house. Over time I was won over to their comfort and utility. Once they came with pockets I was happy with wearing them a lot more often.

After I retired my sweats have become my Uniform of the Day every day. Going out to church or meetings I don the street clothes or a suit for Sunday but once back home I make the switch as fast as I can. My darling began calling them my uniform and so it is. Sweat shirts, pants, shorts and even jackets are my favorite style of clothing now.

I know it is hard for a husband to admit but 34 years ago my wife was right.