Friday, September 28, 2012

Why Spend Money?

The numerous ads on TV, papers, email, and internet promise us special products to enhance memory, produce hair growth, loose weight with out exercise and other things I won’t mention here. Foolish people spend good money on things that do not satisfy and do not produce what was promised. The old, and I mean very old, saying is, “If it seems too good to be true it most likely is.” can be taken to heart and mind.

Yet we who are over weight, loosing hair, slipping memory and failing body parts are anxious to return to our youthfulness. There are of course some well known things we can do such as a good diet, exercise, both mental and physical, that will prolong our abilities. Far too often by the time we realize our condition we are years too late to do anything about it.

Isaiah 55:2 asks the very question, “Why do you spend money for that which does not satisfy?”    This is a lesson that has physical, mental and spiritual context and it calls upon us to consider the true focus of our lives. If we live simply and maintain good habits through out our lives we will prosper. Perhaps the Amish and Quakers have the right of it by living as simply as possible in the presence of God. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gas prices ???

Last week I was talking with a neighbor who was complaining about our current President. During the conversation he said that the price of gas in 2009 was $1.87 a gallon and now it was almost $4.00 heading for $6.

I said that it didn’t sound quite right and he claimed it was the gospel truth. Curious I went home and got out my 2009 tax receipts. The lowest price I paid in Louisville that year was $2.39. That was also a year when the economy was struggling to come out of the recession so a lot of us cut back on driving.  I went on line and checked the national average over the last ten years.
2006 - $3.26
2009 - $2.35
2012 last week I paid $3.55  and I note the price is falling after refineries came back on line following the hurricane.

I reported this to my neighbor who was miffed at the actual information. He had received his information from a GOP ad and was sure it was right. I don’t believe any political ad during a presidential election year – from either side. Gas prices rise and fall on market conditions through out the world. I have traveled to countries where the price of Gas was over $7 a gallon in 1999. We have it easy by comparison to Europe

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Suddenly It’s Over

Yesterday afternoon I visited with my neighbor and friend Don as we waited for the mail truck to come down our street. We both then collected our mail and returned to our homes. Less than an hour later I went outside and found him collapsed by his pickup truck. His next door neighbor arrived at the same time. We called 911 and started CPR until the fire truck arrived and they took over. Don was likely dead before they took him to the hospital where he was pronounced.

The suddenness with which our life can end has been well known to me for a long time. It is one of the reasons that I have not worried about the “Last Days” of the book of Revelation that fret so many Christians. We must always be ready to meet our Lord at any time. It may be the time of Revelation or our personal last day and it doe not make any difference which one it is. This is also the reason we should all share our faith in Jesus with our friends and neighbors as we do not know when their last day may be upon them.

One moment all is fine and then suddenly it’s over.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Defined: Heresy is the formal denial or doubt of any defined doctrine of majority religion.

The saint of one church is the heretic of another. So who decides what a heresy is? Splits have occurred in the Christian faith as well as other faiths because of differences of opinion over doctrine. For example after the New Testament Christian church became legal in the Roman Empire about 325 AD, The church in the western part began using statues as objects in worship. At the same time the church in the eastern part began using pictures or icons in their worship. The Eastern Orthodox claimed that the Catholics were idol worshipers and the Roman church claimed the same about the Eastern Orthodox.

Protestant and Roman Catholic both made similar claims about each other. Today there are over 350 Christian denominations with many claiming to the only true church with all the rest being in heresy. Human pride, stubbornness, and traditions come between us.

We are not alone. There are three main branches of the Jewish faith and at least that many of the Moslem faith.   The Buddhist have also split in the same fashion. We all decide that we are right and every one else is a heretic and then fight about it. So sad.