Thursday, November 8, 2012

Changing Demographics

The stats from this election are coming in and some of the demographic changes in this country are beginning to flex their powers effectively.

For the first time it was women who cast the bulk of the votes this election with 53%, and women who proved the deciding factor, providing Barack Obama a lead by 11 percentage points. One state elected an all female delegation to Congress for both the house and senate.

Tammy Baldwin is the first openly gay senator to be elected. Three more states voted to approve same sex marriages.

A big change comes in the non-white vote as Barack Obama won 71% of the Hispanic vote on Tuesday, up from 67% in 2008. In the same period, Latinos grew from 9% of the total electorate to 10% on Tuesday. They are expected to continuing gaining electoral importance.

The white male population is shrinking as a share of the electorate. The total white vote was 72% on Tuesday, down from 74% just four years ago and 87% in 1992.
A change in perspective is apparent among the over all under 40 group is also on the way as two states legalized the recreational use of marijuana.
Old white right wing males are not going to like any of this news but there it is as a fact of life. We better get use to it as more change is on the way.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voting In America

Today is Election day in America and we are a country that is very blessed to be able to vote for our leaders and have that vote count. It is a messy process but it is the best process for the people and the country.

In a close election like this one we may not know for days who will be our president for the next four years and all we can to is pray and vote and pray again. Who ever wins will have a difficult job to do leading our country and I will pray for him every day and pray for peace.

I love my country and am confident that God will bless us.

If you haven't voted GO DO IT!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Control Z

Back in the days of DOS based computing to hold down the control key and hit the Z key lets you undo your most recent mistake.

What if we had a Control Z for our lives?

You just ran a stop sign with a police car behind you. Control Z
You yelled something at your spouse that should never be said. Control Z
You and your drunken friends go into a tattoo parlor. Control Z

Almost every day we could use a Control Z command in our lives but what is done is done and can not be undone. We can learn from mistakes and change how we do things in the future to overcome our lack of a Control Z for our lives. We may not be able to undo a hurt be we can make amends and heal a wound.

No Control Z ??? But it is fun to think about.