Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Avoid Future Regret

I usually mute TV ads because they are too loud and annoying. Last night I was distracted and left the sound on so an ad caught my attention. You may have watched this ad for a gold coin yourself.

It starts off showing a US government fifty dollar gold coin using  buffalo nickel as the form. The announcer stress in loud tone that the coin is minted in .9999 percent pure gold, and limited number because the mint ran out of the special gold blanks. In truth the coin had a limited production because it was struck for the collectors market.

The announcer then switches coins. He is selling what amounts to a counterfeit coin. In softer voice he says that it is a non-monetary gold clad replica. Clad means that there is a very thin 14 mm gold layer of unknown purity. It is being sold for $9.95 so it can not be the .9999 percent like the real coin. Again in a louder voice he stresses that this offer is for a limited time and you can purchase up to five coins per order.

At the end he invites you to avoid disappointment and future regret so buy right now so call the number. Well I always want to avoid future regret and experience tells me that most of the time if I purchase a "too good to be true" item I will regret spending the money on it.   

So I am avoiding future regret.