Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Long Day

It has been a long day for me.
I had an all morning Community Chorus practice. It went very well but wore me out.
At 2 PM I taught a Bible study on Genesis and taught it again to another class at 7:30 PM
\Big Grin
Now I am tired and ready for bed.
Good NightAngel

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mesquite Trees

I grew up in the panhandle of west Texas where any three trees in sight of each other are considered a national forest. Most trees do not naturally grow there unless planted and watered by people. The exception is the lowly Mesquite tree.
Big Grin
Mesquite trees have a long taproot that they use to locate enough moisture to keep them alive. This feature allows them to survive through droughts. There are recorded instances of taproots of the mesquite tree reaching a depth of almost 200 feet down into the soil. The roots of the mesquite can regenerate if the tree is chopped off above, making the mesquite one tough tree to get rid of. Ranchers feel that the mesquite sucks water from the land that could be used for livestock and farming, making it unpopular with those individuals.
Bleh But there is a plus side that that treeCloud Nine
The bible in the book of Isaiah 61 likens God’s people to trees of righteousness. Because we carry the precious seeds of faith, reconciliation and love we can draw others into the kingdom of God. Like the desert Southwest our life can often be like living in a drought when trouble hits, as it will. If we like the mesquite will put down deep spiritual tap roots in the Holy Spirit we can weather the spiritual droughts. Those deep roots will let us have enormous potential to reproduce the gospel in other people.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Tonight I won my Toastmasters club “International Speech Contest” Now it is on the the Area Level in April.

Way Too Early

Mother nature woke me up way too early this morning. It is becoming a habit that I don’t like. Mind you I am retired and have the time to sleep way late but at a few minutes to six and I am laying in bed trying to get back to sleep.
Then I hear the coffee maker doing its thing. My darling Melanie sets the coffee up before she leaves for work. She is so sweet to me.
Cheek Kiss
So I got up sat in the living room watching the fire and drinking my morning coffee and trying to focus my eyes. Several cups later I started in on my morning prayers and devotion. I couldn’t decide what scripture to read so I sat my bible on its spine and let it fall open. It opened to I Samuel 16. I started reading and came to verse seven.
“Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” I remembered that Jesus had quoted this scripture. What was God trying to tell this blurry eyed preacher this morning?
The image I project to others is polished so that I look good on the outside.  The prophet is asking me about how polished I am on the inside. How does my spirit look to God who sees my heart and soul as clearly as others see that my hair is combed. Must pray about that all day.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Things That Change

When my grandson was five and spending a week with us he asked if he could call his mom, my daughter, and I said yes.
A few moments later he yelled grandpa this phone doesn’t work.
As I had just used it I knew it did work. As I entered the kitchen of the parsonage I saw the problem. He was pushing the number on the old rotary dial phone that came with the parsonage. William had never seen a rotary phone before. Dialing with all its clicks was amusing to him.
Our phone tech keeps changing and today all I have is a cell phone. I haven’t had a landline in many years.
I am reminded of an old saying that “Change is the only constant.”Big Grin