Thursday, January 2, 2014

Exercising our Rights

To exercise our right to agree or disagree with our political leadership is part of what makes America great. Yet to treat leaders with outright hatred and disrespect dishonors our Nation and undermines the values that has made our Nation great.

President Obama and his distinguished predecessors are true Americans regardless of their political affiliations and deserve the respect of having been elected to office. If, on the other hand, some people choose to treat our leaders with hatred and disrespect, they will do more damage to our country than any individual President will ever do.

As an elected leader I am always willing to listen to objections and even expect them. Our form of governance is designed to seek the middle way though expressions of position, discussion of ideas and finding a path agreeable to all. It is not easy and often messy but it is how democracy works.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Here we are January 1, 2014 once considered in science fiction as the far distant future. Today we are blessed to live in a wonderful country with many freedoms and opportunities before us. The economy is improving and life seems good. This new year will be what we make of it by the choices we make regardless of the events of nature or the actions of other people. We can choose to live strong in the face of adversity of cower in fear of what might be. Either way it is our choices that will make the difference for us. I believe that being positive and aware of the advantages that show up every day I can make th4e world around me a better place to live. Being kind to others and helpful will also bring kindness and help to me. If I can see the good in others and encourage that goodness it will overpower darkness and evil. What will you make of your 2014?

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Kinetic Sand

One of my Christmas presents is one of the most unusual items I have ever played with. It is a product of Sweden called Kinetic Sand and it fascinates me. Playing with kinetic sand is a near magical experience. This stuff has its own motion and flows like water through your fingers. You don't have to wash your hands because none of it is left on your hands.

I can shape it into all kinds of shapes that feel solid and even hard but squeeze it and it crumbles and flows like a liquid. It is mesmerizing and relaxing. I think I will be playing with it a lot this year.