Saturday, September 14, 2013

Children Asking Questions

Nine year old Johnny was watching his mother as she sat praying! He watched her intently but he knew better than to disturb her till she finished. When he heard "AMEN," the questions began to flow.

MOM, Why do you close your eyes when you pray?

His mother got down to his level, looked at him for a moment and said: "Well, Johnny, it helps me shut out things which I might see, things which would side tract me from prayer."


MOM, Can you pray with your eyes open?  

"Sure, honey, but closing my eyes helps me concentrate.  What's this all about? "O I see you praying every day."

Silence -

MOM, Why do you bow your head when you pray?

Pleased that her son had been so observant she responded, "This is my way of showing respect to God. I bow my head  to show that I am willing to humble myself and do what God wants me to do."  


MOM, Does folding your hands in your lap while you pray get your prayers to God faster?

  "No, Johnny it only helps me keep them in place so their movements won't disturb me."   


MOM, How do I make up my own prayers?

 "That's easy! Just think of your prayer as a letter to God, like a letter to a very special friend."

MOM, Do you mean I just start out `Dear God?'

  "Honey, knowing what I do about God, that would please God just fine. God wants to talk to you just like we are doing right now.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Understanding God's Time and Our Time

Kronos is the Greek word for the divisions that define the movement of time. The sense of timing--the right moment or progression—is expressed by the word kairos. While we often feel captive to kronos, we may be more anxious about kairos.  Is this the right decision or opportunity? How can I be sure?  

“It’s time, “ she said,  “He has struggled long enough, and deserves to be at peace.”

“It’s time,” he said,  “I am lonely in this big old house. Since I can’t drive anymore, I can’t get out like I used to.”

We are astonished at how quickly the years of adulthood pass. How recently we were busy with marriage, children, hobbies and the responsibilities of work, household, and community groups. The realization that these things are no longer a part of our lives, changes our thinking. ??? Now we know that our interests, energy, and abilities have changed—we are shocked, maybe saddened.

  The marking of time now dominates our living:  clocks, calendars, deadlines, schedules, anniversaries, and milestone events. And our perception of time changes over the years. Time flows quickly for the young, filled with the new and exciting. There is never enough in the middle years to meet all the demands.  As we get older, the days seem slower, yet the changes in body, mind, and circumstances come too soon.

In a nursing home or even home alone time passes so slowly that it feels like no one visits anymore. It is not that the passage of seconds and hours has change but only our perception has changed. At each age we are caught in our own understanding of time and here is where we can reflect on the meaning of life. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ was a kronos moment with a kairos meaning. This event that changed human history breaks the tyranny of time and reveals God’s timing for human living. 

It is only when we break the bonds of physical existence that we come to know God’s time and the meaning of Second Peter 3:8, “But do not ignore this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like one day.” 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Remembering Twin Towers

Twelve years ago I remember clearly watching the TV in utter shock as the twin towers were struck and then fell. I still feel the pain. Who would believe that we are still fighting a war because of that?

How could anyone do that? How could young men go against their own religion and kill themselves and so many innocent people?  It was beyond belief and understanding and we are still striving to comprehend the enormity of it all. Since then it got us into two wars with many thousands more dead. The memory still carries a lot of pain and will for decades to come. Like the news of Pearl Harbor for my parents I will always remember that moment when the world changed.

So much has happened since then and because of those attacks. We were right to go after those who did the deed in Afghanistan but it was stupid to divert funds and troops from that effort to attack Iraq.  We need to find ways to quell the anger and seek peace. I Pray for peace in our world every day. 

Today there is a new taller and better World Trade Center tower. Tonight twin lights will shiner up from the top of it and remind the world of who we are.