Saturday, September 14, 2013

Children Asking Questions

Nine year old Johnny was watching his mother as she sat praying! He watched her intently but he knew better than to disturb her till she finished. When he heard "AMEN," the questions began to flow.

MOM, Why do you close your eyes when you pray?

His mother got down to his level, looked at him for a moment and said: "Well, Johnny, it helps me shut out things which I might see, things which would side tract me from prayer."


MOM, Can you pray with your eyes open?  

"Sure, honey, but closing my eyes helps me concentrate.  What's this all about? "O I see you praying every day."

Silence -

MOM, Why do you bow your head when you pray?

Pleased that her son had been so observant she responded, "This is my way of showing respect to God. I bow my head  to show that I am willing to humble myself and do what God wants me to do."  


MOM, Does folding your hands in your lap while you pray get your prayers to God faster?

  "No, Johnny it only helps me keep them in place so their movements won't disturb me."   


MOM, How do I make up my own prayers?

 "That's easy! Just think of your prayer as a letter to God, like a letter to a very special friend."

MOM, Do you mean I just start out `Dear God?'

  "Honey, knowing what I do about God, that would please God just fine. God wants to talk to you just like we are doing right now.

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