Friday, September 13, 2013

Understanding God's Time and Our Time

Kronos is the Greek word for the divisions that define the movement of time. The sense of timing--the right moment or progression—is expressed by the word kairos. While we often feel captive to kronos, we may be more anxious about kairos.  Is this the right decision or opportunity? How can I be sure?  

“It’s time, “ she said,  “He has struggled long enough, and deserves to be at peace.”

“It’s time,” he said,  “I am lonely in this big old house. Since I can’t drive anymore, I can’t get out like I used to.”

We are astonished at how quickly the years of adulthood pass. How recently we were busy with marriage, children, hobbies and the responsibilities of work, household, and community groups. The realization that these things are no longer a part of our lives, changes our thinking. ??? Now we know that our interests, energy, and abilities have changed—we are shocked, maybe saddened.

  The marking of time now dominates our living:  clocks, calendars, deadlines, schedules, anniversaries, and milestone events. And our perception of time changes over the years. Time flows quickly for the young, filled with the new and exciting. There is never enough in the middle years to meet all the demands.  As we get older, the days seem slower, yet the changes in body, mind, and circumstances come too soon.

In a nursing home or even home alone time passes so slowly that it feels like no one visits anymore. It is not that the passage of seconds and hours has change but only our perception has changed. At each age we are caught in our own understanding of time and here is where we can reflect on the meaning of life. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ was a kronos moment with a kairos meaning. This event that changed human history breaks the tyranny of time and reveals God’s timing for human living. 

It is only when we break the bonds of physical existence that we come to know God’s time and the meaning of Second Peter 3:8, “But do not ignore this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like one day.” 

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