Saturday, May 16, 2009

Keep Connected Live

I have been disappointed with my blogs here on blogger and at word press after Journaspace died. I checked out the new journalspace but it was like word press. I also checked out Keep Connected Live when it first started and it too was like word press.

Then my journalspace friend Westy, who designed my layouts, said how much KCL was feeling like the old journalspace. She said that Matt was working  hard to make it so. Well he is married to Evil Furry so he has encouragement. So on Westy's recommendation I checked it out. Wow Matt is doing a great job with it. So I set up two journals there and Westy said she would fix my layouts soon.

KCL was running slow and then the server people thought it was getting too big so they dropped it. Glory I thought it is like JS with its crashes. BUT Matt worked overtime to get it back up on a new faster server and it is flying high now.

When Westy gets my layouts done I will be moving to KCL at

Come visit and join up it feels great. Matt has a free access and a pro access for a small cost and I feel that he needs all the support and encouragement so I signed up for the pro access. 

Friday, May 15, 2009

Starting A New Ministry

I have been busy the past two weeks starting a new ministry. A few months ago, as Mayor of Bellemeade, I was visiting with the Chief of the Lyndon Fire and Rescue District. They are responsible for the City of Bellemeade.  I mentioned in passing that I was once the chaplain for a Volunteer Fire District in Missouri. He said that he wanted to start a chaplaincy program and asked if I would help.

I agreed and am now the Chaplain for Lyndon Fire and Rescue. This is a ministry that I have enjoyed in the past and I now have some time to give to it.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


We are still in the process of repairing our back yard from the fallen maple tree. The limbs dug some deep holes in the yard and I filled them in and planted some grass seeds.

A few days later my wife said. "You need to plant some more grass those seeds aren't coming up."

She would not make a good farmer waiting for seeds to germinate takes time. Now we are getting tender green shoots of grass. Sometimes what we see on the surface lies to us. We see a barren patch in the ground where we planted seeds and think that nothing is happening but God is working in secret as new life underground opens the seed and roots start down into the ground.

God sometimes works in secret in our souls as well. Seeds of faith get planted and even to us it seems that nothing is happening. In the secret places of our hearts, soul and mind ideas, hopes and dreams are taking root. Then in an ah ha moment they burst to the surface in glory. Then we know it and others see it and a change has taken place.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Little Graces

We live in a fast paced world and sometimes we have our cellphones glued to our ears while watching TV or even [groan] while driving. Evey day we are bombarded with many facts, questions and appeals that force us to make quick decisions.

Our time is the cash of our life and we need to be aware of how we spend it. How much of our time is spent focused on things that sap our energy and crush our spirit? Is it any wonder then that we miss the many little graces that come our way every day?

What little graces go unnoticed? The laughter of a child is a little grace. The awesome vivid color of a rose in the garden is a little grace. The cool breeze of the evening after a hot day is a little grace. The sound of a babbling brook and the song of a robin are little graces. Silence is a little grace.

Little Graces can escape us when we are too busy to stop and take a second look. Today and every day take the time to enjoy your Little Graces as gifts from God.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Mighty Oak

We have a 75 year old Oak in our back yard! It is a mighty oak that would take four people hold hands to reach around it. Oak trees are known for their strong wood and expansive root systems. The Oak withstood last winters ice storm very well.

Oaks have a deficiency that is hidden from sight. Outwardly they can appear strong and mighty but can be deteriorating inwardly without any visible evidence. When the inward weakness reached a critical point any strong wind can bring it crashing to the ground.

We Christians can be like that mighty oak tree. As long as our foundation in in Christ we are strong and mighty.  We can accomplish God's mission for us in good order. However if we become complacent in our spiritual life we can begin to deteriorate on the inside. We may be able to fool other people for a while but a good storm will destroy us.

The Good news is that we can be nursed back to spiritual health through renewed prayer and study. Having a prayer partner who is a confident and will  hold you accountable and who will act as your spiritual nurse will help. Sink your faith roots deep in the Holy Spirit.