Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Little Graces

We live in a fast paced world and sometimes we have our cellphones glued to our ears while watching TV or even [groan] while driving. Evey day we are bombarded with many facts, questions and appeals that force us to make quick decisions.

Our time is the cash of our life and we need to be aware of how we spend it. How much of our time is spent focused on things that sap our energy and crush our spirit? Is it any wonder then that we miss the many little graces that come our way every day?

What little graces go unnoticed? The laughter of a child is a little grace. The awesome vivid color of a rose in the garden is a little grace. The cool breeze of the evening after a hot day is a little grace. The sound of a babbling brook and the song of a robin are little graces. Silence is a little grace.

Little Graces can escape us when we are too busy to stop and take a second look. Today and every day take the time to enjoy your Little Graces as gifts from God.


  1. My life is all about these little graces. Often I worry that I'm going to miss something even though I spend my life always looking for these little (and sometimes big) wonders.


  2. Good word. I love going out to water my plants - it's a solitude I find nowhere else on this planet.