Saturday, May 16, 2009

Keep Connected Live

I have been disappointed with my blogs here on blogger and at word press after Journaspace died. I checked out the new journalspace but it was like word press. I also checked out Keep Connected Live when it first started and it too was like word press.

Then my journalspace friend Westy, who designed my layouts, said how much KCL was feeling like the old journalspace. She said that Matt was working  hard to make it so. Well he is married to Evil Furry so he has encouragement. So on Westy's recommendation I checked it out. Wow Matt is doing a great job with it. So I set up two journals there and Westy said she would fix my layouts soon.

KCL was running slow and then the server people thought it was getting too big so they dropped it. Glory I thought it is like JS with its crashes. BUT Matt worked overtime to get it back up on a new faster server and it is flying high now.

When Westy gets my layouts done I will be moving to KCL at

Come visit and join up it feels great. Matt has a free access and a pro access for a small cost and I feel that he needs all the support and encouragement so I signed up for the pro access. 


  1. Matt and Susan are great folks and will do us a great service I am certain Larry.


  2. Gosh. Never heard of them I will have to look for you there!