Wednesday, May 13, 2009


We are still in the process of repairing our back yard from the fallen maple tree. The limbs dug some deep holes in the yard and I filled them in and planted some grass seeds.

A few days later my wife said. "You need to plant some more grass those seeds aren't coming up."

She would not make a good farmer waiting for seeds to germinate takes time. Now we are getting tender green shoots of grass. Sometimes what we see on the surface lies to us. We see a barren patch in the ground where we planted seeds and think that nothing is happening but God is working in secret as new life underground opens the seed and roots start down into the ground.

God sometimes works in secret in our souls as well. Seeds of faith get planted and even to us it seems that nothing is happening. In the secret places of our hearts, soul and mind ideas, hopes and dreams are taking root. Then in an ah ha moment they burst to the surface in glory. Then we know it and others see it and a change has taken place.


  1. Perhaps sod would be a quicker repair....Good post however. I see your point very clearly. How have you been?