Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ninth Anniversary of 9/11

I remember clearly watching the TV in utter shock as the twin towers were struck and then fell.
Cross Bones
How could anyone do that? It was beyond belief and understanding and we are still striving to comprehend the enormity of it all. Since then it got us into two wars with many thousands more dead. The memory still carries a lot of pain and will for decades to come. Like the news of Pearl Harbor for my parents I will always remember that moment when the world changed.
Prays for peace in our world.

Friday, September 10, 2010


I have noticed that no mater what the field of endeavor the far right wing thinks that there is a left wing conspiracy. Just to be fair the far left wing believes that there is a right wing conspiracy.
You know they are both correct.
Slap Head
Birds of a feather flock together and try to deal with rival flocks. Happy Yes

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fire and Brimstone???

Yesterday I was leading a seminar on “An Introduction to Bible Study” for a friend of mine. I arrived early and as is my habit I snooped around the sanctuary. The shelves inside pulpits usually contain interesting items.   [oh you didn’t know they have shelves?]  This one had something I had never seen before, a fire extinguisher. Perhaps to put out the fire of a preacher who preaches hot brimstone?
WhatRoll Eyes
On the way out of the sanctuary I noticed that the place where one usually finds a clock there was a thermometer. They really keep an eye on how hot the preaching gets in that congregation. I never thought of my friend as a fire and brimstone preacher but one never knows.
ChinHappy No
Of course that is only a subjective thought but it gave me pause to think and chuckle. rotfl

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

32 years and counting

It was September 8, 1978 and my darling and I stood before two preachers and a large congregation and made our wedding vows to each other and God.
Hug Love
We are more in love now than we were then as it was a choice made in heaven. We are soul mates and best friends.
Cheek Kiss
I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with her at my side. What joy!CupidCloud Nine

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I remember my grandmother making preserves and was reminded of those homemade preserves when I spread some on my English muffin this morning. While we were in Texas and visited Summerwind she gave us a jar of her homemade preserves. YUM thanks Summerwind.
 Big Grin
The dictionary has several definitions for the word preserve.
1.     To save from harm or destruction, to protect.
2.     To cause to remain good and wholesome.
In my meditations this morning I pondered the idea of my faith in God preserving my soul from the evil that would destroy it. In the choices in life it causes me to remain good and wholesome.
 Happy Yes
I thank God for His saving grace that preserves me from harm and keeps me good.Angel

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day

Labor Day is an interesting holiday we celebrate labor by taking a day off from work.
Tonight at my Toastmastes meeting I am the Table Topics Master and the theme is "Labor." 
I get to ask the questions and they have to think quick to answer. What was your first job for money? What job would you turn down even if you had been out of work for a long time. Mind you they must speak for at least one minute and nor more than two. I have a dozen questions

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Un-necessary Anguish

We can sometimes have moments of anguish and embarrassment that are altogether un-necessary. We can look back on them and slap our foreheads and ask, “Why?” only to laugh at the absurdity of it. I have rescued my wife more than a few times from such conditions and she has rescued me from them as well. We all have them so it pays not to make fun of others when it happens to them.

One day I drove to church and as I was getting out of the car a member of the congregation approached to talk for more than a few minutes. Distracted as I was I closed the car door automatically locking it and not realizing that my keys were still in the car. When I say keys I mean all my keys to the church offices as well as the car.
The secretary let me in the building and I phoned my wife to bring her set of keys so that I could retrieve mine. There was a certain amount of glee in her eyes that the tables were turned for once. I sheepishly thanked her with a kiss and sent her on her way.
 Hug Love
About an hour later I did the slap on the head as I remembered that in one of the folds of my wallet is a spare key to my car door.
 Slap Headrotfl