Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fire and Brimstone???

Yesterday I was leading a seminar on “An Introduction to Bible Study” for a friend of mine. I arrived early and as is my habit I snooped around the sanctuary. The shelves inside pulpits usually contain interesting items.   [oh you didn’t know they have shelves?]  This one had something I had never seen before, a fire extinguisher. Perhaps to put out the fire of a preacher who preaches hot brimstone?
WhatRoll Eyes
On the way out of the sanctuary I noticed that the place where one usually finds a clock there was a thermometer. They really keep an eye on how hot the preaching gets in that congregation. I never thought of my friend as a fire and brimstone preacher but one never knows.
ChinHappy No
Of course that is only a subjective thought but it gave me pause to think and chuckle. rotfl