Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I remember my grandmother making preserves and was reminded of those homemade preserves when I spread some on my English muffin this morning. While we were in Texas and visited Summerwind she gave us a jar of her homemade preserves. YUM thanks Summerwind.
 Big Grin
The dictionary has several definitions for the word preserve.
1.     To save from harm or destruction, to protect.
2.     To cause to remain good and wholesome.
In my meditations this morning I pondered the idea of my faith in God preserving my soul from the evil that would destroy it. In the choices in life it causes me to remain good and wholesome.
 Happy Yes
I thank God for His saving grace that preserves me from harm and keeps me good.Angel


  1. Hi Pastor Larry! The best preserves of all is the Love of God. Glad you enjoyed the blackberry jelly!!

  2. Lovely, Pastor Larry! :)

  3. I miss the preserves my mother makes...