Friday, May 4, 2012

My First Time

The first time I stood up to preach I was very nervous. I knew that I had been called by God to preach but a certain amount of fear made my knees wobble.

As I approached the pulpit where I had practiced the day before it felt different, there were about a thousand people in front of me. I prayed for God to give me courage.  Once I started my presentation my words came out in a flood. I know now that I made some nubie mistakes bout the congregation encouraged me and sent me into ministry as their “Timothy” any way. That was in 1967 in Austin Texas at Hyde Park Christian Church.

I remember two things from that event. First is that with God’s help I over came my fear. Second was that the pulpit was indeed my calling and my home. Though I am now retired from the pastorate I still enjoy preaching on occasion when there is a need for some one to fill in and I always feel right at home when I step up to the pulpit.