Friday, August 26, 2011

Men Who Chase Skirts

I know a man who from the time he learned about girls chased every skirt that came his way. I know for a fact that he created many fatherless children over the years. He is now old and in a nursing home and is still chasing skirts. I am not sure he knows what to do with them any more and it may be just a long standing habit.

It is sad that in the process of his endeavors that he broke many hearts  and ruined more than one relationship with wives and children. His current wife was dating him while he was still married and for some reason can not understand how he could cheat on her. She went to visit him in the nursing home and found one of his girlfriends there with him. He has run his children off over and over.

He may well die alone in that nursing home with no one to mourn him. It is very sad.

I have known quite a few men like him in forty years of being a Pastor and they miss out on so much real love from wife and family because they have sought after lust instead of love. Yes I have also know some women like that too.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Priest and Sex

In this mornings paper was an article about a priest accused of having sex with boys. Here is what it said:

"A Roman Catholic priest charged with sexually abusing two boys in the 1970s told the Archdiocese of Louisville in 1985 that he was a sexual addict, but church officials put him in treatment instead of removing him because they believed he was involved with men, not boys, according to court records released Tuesday."

Did they really say that? They defrocked priest for  having sex with women. They transfer priest who have sex with boys. BUT they send priest who have sex with men to counseling.

What is wrong with that statement? I know that the Roman church is trying to improve their image on this issue but it seems like this is a world wide problem for them. It is sad that the 90% of priest who are honest God fearing men are tarnished by the perverse members of the priesthood. It is the cover up and "protect our image at all cost" that has really gotten the RC church into trouble over the years. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

When Wicked People Repent

In the book of Jonah we  read about the great success of the first foreign missionary that God called and sent to a foreign land. Jonah's Journey for God took some strange twist before it was complete. Jonah could also be called the reluctant missionary and the unhappy missionary. How many servants of the Lord are reluctant or unhappy about the mission God has called them too? Jonah is not alone in his reluctance. Many are the excuses that people give for not serving the Lord.

 Jonah had a few misunderstandings about God:

1. Jonah tried to trim God down to size. He wanted God to be only on the side of the Hebrew people and that did not wish to include the people of Nineveh as God's children. How many nations at war have called on God to be on their side and destroy their enemy?

2. Jonah expected God to show mercy only on the people of Israel. The other nations had their gods and Israel had YHWH and that was the way it should be. Let them die was his thought on the matter.

3. Jonah counted God as a citizen of Israel. He believed in the idea of exclusive ownership of God's power, forgiveness and mercy for the Hebrew people.

Jonah discovered to his personal dismay that God is bigger than his idea of God. Jonah like many people had a few deep personal prejudices. Many people have the idea that if God loves me then God can not love my enemies. Prejudice is not logical and often gets in our way.

Like the ten-year-old boy who was ask if he liked spinach. He answered, "No, and I'm glad, I don't like it, because if I liked it, I'd eat it, and I couldn't stand that because I hate it."

Jonah hated Nineveh and when God told him that unless the people of that city repented, he would destroy it like Sodom. Jonah's reply was let them burn. It was not a matter of what was right and wrong, but what would meet Jonah's expectations and desire for revenge. He wanted a powerful neighbor destroyed.

After major coaxing from God Jonah did accept his mission and go to Nineveh.... He preached long and hard about how God was going to destroy them, because of their wickedness.... To Jonah's utter surprise they listened, even the King repented and the most remarkable thing happened. God was merciful and forgave them. This is not often stated in the bible like this in Jonah 3:10,

"When God saw what they did, how they turned from their evil ways, God changed His mind about the calamity that he had said he would bring upon them; and he did not do it." God changed His mind, and the whole city was saved!

Now if I held a city wide revival and the whole city repented, I would be one happy evangelist. Jonah was not! Jonah went out and sulked. The day was his! Success was his and he was mad about it. "God, I told you what would happen, now look."

Consider that some of the most vile, wicked people on earth at that time, heard the word of God and repented. Are there people you know that seem so bad, so sinful, that you believe are beyond reach? Is there some reason that you are holding back and not going to them with the Gospel? Are there sinners so bad that you want them to be punished regardless of their repentance or their value to God?

Are we a little like Jonah?   Do we let our own feelings get in the way of doing God's assigned work of reaching out to sinners? Are there people we know that we would just as soon see burn in hell? Is that why we do not go to them with the Love of God? Does the book of Jonah have a lesson for us today?

Monday, August 22, 2011

A Woman Who Reads

A woman vacationing by a lake wanted some peace and quiet to read her book. She took her husbands fishing boat out into the lake and droped anchor. There in a quiet spot she began to read.

After a while a fish and game warden pulled up along side her boat. “What are you doing, Ma’am,” he said. “Reading a book,” She replied. “Isn’t that obvious?”

“You are in a restricted fishing area.” He informed her. “But I am not fishing.” “Yes but I see you have all the equipment and you might start at any time. So I am going to have to write you a ticket.”

She looked up from her book and smiled. “Then I will have to charge you with sexual assault.” “But I haven’t touched you,” said the exasperated game warden.

She said, “Yes but you have all the equipment and for all I know you may start at any time.”

The game warden tipped his hat and said, “Have a nice day ma’am,” and left.

The moral of this story is to never argue with a woman who reads. It is likely that she can also think.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Little Child Shall Lead Them

Something unusual happened today during worship at Hurstbourne Christian Church. It happened during the offering. As usual as the deacons bring to offering forward the children from children’s worship also bring their offering to the table.

That was when a 3 year old girl also went forward and gave her dolly to Jesus. That dolly was the most important thing in her little life and she placed it with the rest of the offerings. Pastor Mike picked up the doll and said, “And a little child shall lead them.” He invited all of us to give our best to Jesus too. He also returned the doll to the girl.

I won’t forget today’s worship.