Friday, August 26, 2011

Men Who Chase Skirts

I know a man who from the time he learned about girls chased every skirt that came his way. I know for a fact that he created many fatherless children over the years. He is now old and in a nursing home and is still chasing skirts. I am not sure he knows what to do with them any more and it may be just a long standing habit.

It is sad that in the process of his endeavors that he broke many hearts  and ruined more than one relationship with wives and children. His current wife was dating him while he was still married and for some reason can not understand how he could cheat on her. She went to visit him in the nursing home and found one of his girlfriends there with him. He has run his children off over and over.

He may well die alone in that nursing home with no one to mourn him. It is very sad.

I have known quite a few men like him in forty years of being a Pastor and they miss out on so much real love from wife and family because they have sought after lust instead of love. Yes I have also know some women like that too.

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