Monday, May 11, 2009

The Mighty Oak

We have a 75 year old Oak in our back yard! It is a mighty oak that would take four people hold hands to reach around it. Oak trees are known for their strong wood and expansive root systems. The Oak withstood last winters ice storm very well.

Oaks have a deficiency that is hidden from sight. Outwardly they can appear strong and mighty but can be deteriorating inwardly without any visible evidence. When the inward weakness reached a critical point any strong wind can bring it crashing to the ground.

We Christians can be like that mighty oak tree. As long as our foundation in in Christ we are strong and mighty.  We can accomplish God's mission for us in good order. However if we become complacent in our spiritual life we can begin to deteriorate on the inside. We may be able to fool other people for a while but a good storm will destroy us.

The Good news is that we can be nursed back to spiritual health through renewed prayer and study. Having a prayer partner who is a confident and will  hold you accountable and who will act as your spiritual nurse will help. Sink your faith roots deep in the Holy Spirit.

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