Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gas prices ???

Last week I was talking with a neighbor who was complaining about our current President. During the conversation he said that the price of gas in 2009 was $1.87 a gallon and now it was almost $4.00 heading for $6.

I said that it didn’t sound quite right and he claimed it was the gospel truth. Curious I went home and got out my 2009 tax receipts. The lowest price I paid in Louisville that year was $2.39. That was also a year when the economy was struggling to come out of the recession so a lot of us cut back on driving.  I went on line and checked the national average over the last ten years.
2006 - $3.26
2009 - $2.35
2012 last week I paid $3.55  and I note the price is falling after refineries came back on line following the hurricane.

I reported this to my neighbor who was miffed at the actual information. He had received his information from a GOP ad and was sure it was right. I don’t believe any political ad during a presidential election year – from either side. Gas prices rise and fall on market conditions through out the world. I have traveled to countries where the price of Gas was over $7 a gallon in 1999. We have it easy by comparison to Europe

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  1. Gas prices are NOT an accurate measure of the health of an economy. Oddly, I wouldn't mind seeing them higher, as that would encourage conservation, more production, and more research into alternative energy sources, the goal being to NOT send all our wealth overseas.