Monday, February 21, 2011

Water, Rice and Dirt

A friend of mine who is a priest referred to “Water, Rice and Dirt Christians.” I said, “What’s that?”

His response was that they were only in church for their baptism, wedding and funeral. Yes I have known people like that. I once started a new church in a small town and thought that at least for a while we would be a church that did not have any inactive members. I was wrong! A couple joined the church on the first Sunday and never returned. They had been inactive members of a distant congregation of my denomination and wanted their inactive membership to be local, just incase they needed the church for a funeral. They already had the baptism and wedding.

The really sad thing is that these people miss out on so much of what the church can offer. Of course that could be a good thing if they belong to a dysfunctional congregation. For most of us a rich faith life shared with other Christians is a tremendous blessing. This morning I am praying for all the water, rice and dirt church members. 


  1. I had not heard that "water, rice, and dirt" description before. We've got "Sunday Goers", those who are on Sunday morning only but not rest of week, the Mother's Day goers, the Easter Sunday Folks, and those that get membership but we never see again. I'll join you in praying for these w-r-d members.

  2. I am familiar with the Christmas and Easter Christians.