Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Join the Choir

For most Church's the choir is a small dedicated group of singers. Some of them can read music and some can not. Very few if any feel confident singing a solo but when they sing together, with the leadership of a director, they sound wonderful.

They spend time and effort in practice learning the words and music. The learn to start together and stop together. The develop a sense of singing with one voice.

Being a Christian is a lot like singing in a choir. We are not just one voice among many but voices blended to study the scriptures and seek direction from God. We strive to be sensitive to the other spirits around us and understand how they feel and what they need. We learn to give and receive support from members of our faith community. By working in harmony with fellow saints at God's direction we can make heavenly music together. If we try to work out our faith alone we usually create discord in the music around us. So  ---  JOIN THE CHOIR!


  1. I don't do well in choirs. My parents and brother are wonderful members but I am too much of a rogue to do the choir.

    I do better in bands where I can control what music we sing and what comes out of my mouth.

    So, I get asked all the time but always decline. I am a good teammate but a difficult teammate when put with people who are not really musicians.

    You will find this to be a common thing among musicians and athletes.

  2. Well, PL,

    This is a large topic! I have sung in choirs and also, I have been a soloist. There is an art to each. I am a first soprano- so many times I have obeyed the conductor and softened my solo voice, to blend, while listening to divas behind me ignore his instruction!
    Also, I have served as a first alto, in a pinch. Reading music is fun and hard work.
    Staying on pitch is a whole 'nother subject!

    I miss js....


  3. Hi Paula good to see you here again.
    we share a love for music :-)
    We all miss JS

  4. I have thought about joining my church's choir, but I wouldn't want to make anyone's ears bleed. I love listening to them, however. When I sit there and listen, I find myself spiritually moved and it brings me great peace.