Sunday, March 1, 2009

Walking Tours

I enjoy walking with my wife on nice evenings and taking the mayor's walking tour of our community. The walking tours helps me keep abreast of what is going on as people stop me to ask about something or to tell the mayor about a problem.

I have also discovered a lot of regular walkers that walk our streets. Some are determined strider's who stop for nothing. Some are walking their dogs or children in strollers. There are also small groups who always walk together chatting up a storm. Other yak on their cell phones the whole time - perhaps it is the only way to get some privacy. Most have good manners but a few are grumpy guses walkers who have nothing good to say. It is a good thing that ours is a safe neighborhood to walk in because a few are always deep in thought and could get run over otherwise.

I love my walking tours of Bellemeade

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  1. Interactions with walkers vary amongst cities and towns. When my dad and I used to walk Euclid in Upland, most people would not make eye contact, especially if you were new to the area. But after a while everyone gets used to each other and you might get a hello or a short chat at the stop light from someone. Where I live, if you make eye contact, you are liable to get stuck in a very lengthy conversation about all the going ons in town. Yet there are always a few who just keep walking making no eye contact. It's real safe to walk where I live even after dark.