Friday, February 27, 2009

What's Your Sign?

We often get asked the question, “What is your sign?” or “what is your birth sign?” by people we have just met. It seems like an innocent question, an opening line, an ice breaker, or a search for a common interest.  The problem from a Christian perspective is that the question calls on us to name one of the 12 ancient pagan false gods as the guiding force in our lives. That is idol worship!


Many Christian fall into the trap of thinking that astrology or a reading of your horoscope is a harmless pastime. It is not! It is an act of putting your faith in a false deity and that is very dangerous. The ancient false gods of Babylon and Greece are still with us in the form of the daily horoscope readings in the newspaper. This false religion has many priests and priestesses called astrologers, who would lead you away from putting your full trust and faith in the one true God.


The Bible teaches us to avoid this false religion. Yet many good church going people say, “What’s the harm?” The harm flows from giving our faith and trust to anything less that God. The harm comes when you slowly change from reading your daily horoscope, for the fun of it, and begin living by it. This leaves our minds and spirits open to something that seems minor but that slowly becomes too important.


So how do you answer when someone asks you the question, “What is your sign?” My answer is, “The Cross!” At my baptism I was given the sign of the cross as the guiding force in my life. It calls on me to trust only in Jesus for my salvation. I trust in God for all my tomorrows. I do not trust some person who studies star charts and makes up a future based on their special knowledge. When people keep asking for my birth date so that they will know my “astrological sign” I tell them that I was baptized into Christ’s body on January 9. My sign is the cross of Christ and no other. Is the cross your sign too?


  1. Thank you Pastor Larry for this commentary. It puts into words some thoughts that were running through my head just las week.

  2. Your are welcome friend girl blogger.

  3. I'm a Pisces. No, I don't believe in astrology, but sometimes the descriptions of the various signs are so fitting, it's spooky.

    No, not the position of the stars have an influence, but perhaps the time of year someone is born? I baby born in late winter/spring spends the first monthis lightly clothed, enjoying the warm rays of the sun, while a baby born in fall/winter spends the first months wrapped up and in cold weather (all depending on where you live, of course).

    This was a very interesting entry....

  4. Larry,

    Hmmmm. I do not follow astrology so I can't speak to this.

    Many of our ancestors were Pagans of course.

    I often wonder why my Jewish friends (Very holy) don't acknowledge Jesus as our savior for instance and they were on the scene when Jesus was here among us as a living person.

    From God to Moses and then it stops.



  5. I have never put any faith in astrology. I have never seen it as anything that would be conducive to me living a peaceful and happy life. God helps me choose the right paths to take. Astrology is .. excuse me for saying so.. crap. It cannot possibly offer the guidance and direction that God can, and does, provide.

  6. When asked that question, I simply answer by saying that I do not believe in false prophecy but follow the Word of God. Good post!