Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The JS Pastor

Now that JS is dead the JS-Pastor has set up shop here.
The year 2009 must be a better year than 2009. Well that is my prayer.


  1. and maybe, just maybe, I can set up your old layout here. I saved them all on Word! lol

  2. So far, so good! Slowly but surely I'm reconnecting with my JS friends/family.

    Glad to find you. I hope 2009 brings you many wonderful blessings.

    Love and Belief,

  3. Thanks goGo I tried to log on to yours but couldn't get in.

  4. Amen to that, Pastor Larry !

    I just found you. Love your slideshow, awesome, as are your words.

    Hope you and your's have a great New Year 2009 that's better than 2008. :)

  5. Hi Pastor Larry, I'm so glad you're still around. We're not going to lose each other, we can't, we're family. :) Now all I need is to get my sisters to come back. Paula might but I doubt Sally would. She likes My Space.
    Happy New Year and big hugs!

  6. Hi Betty I am so happy to see you here along with some of our JS friends.
    I am so sad about JS the loss to me is huge losing my wonderful Dorrie journal layouts.

  7. Ive been searching for people. There are two groups on Facebook that you can join to keep in touch w/ former fellow JSers.