Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow and Ice Today

Winter is really here today we have about three inches of snow and now it is raining ice with lots more coming tonight. I think I will stay in today.

I shoveled the driveway and then the snow plough came by and hmmmm must talk to that man. As mayor he reports to me. He is doing his job and I understand that but perhaps he will agree to open the driveway entrances for those who have already cleaned theirs.

Life is full of conflicts and in these trying times we all need to see things from both sides and seek to work things out in a nice way. One nice thing about being mayor is that he will listen to me.

Life goes on in the dead of winter.... more to come.


  1. "One nice thing about being mayor is that he will listen to me"


  2. That is an added bonus. we can only hope he isn't deaf....

  3. :-) He did listen and agreed to keep all the driveways that have been cleaned clear of snow.

  4. Giggling at Bobby's comment. :)

    The city plows back home in the small town I grew up in, used to love to plow the streets and fill up the driveways!

    Be safe and warm, Pastor Larry.