Saturday, January 24, 2009

We Live In Two Worlds

We live in two worlds, one is physical and the other is spiritual. The physical world is easily discerned, but pulls us in many directions at once. The spiritual world is easily ignored, but leads us to the inner fulfillment of God’s love. Time spent giving attention to spiritual matters will ease the time we must spend on matters of the physical elements.


            Our physical bodies can both deceive us with vanity, and when we least expect it, stop us cold with a dose of reality of our limitations. Yet there are dimensions of our spirits which we can never fathom and there are strengths within us that are a total mystery. We are often surprised by answers that seem to come from nowhere to meet our need. We are creatures with a deep restlessness, and we search the world until we find our rest in the love of God.


            There is a healthy tension between the two worlds of physical and spiritual life. Between the extremes there is a balance of love and commitment that leads to total health. As we deal daily with our physical life let us remember the teaching of Jesus to “Seek first the kingdom of God.”  When we do that all the rest will fall into place.


            If you have been neglecting your spiritual life and are feeling the strain then now is a great time to refocus on your relationship with God.  As a Pastor I am always happy to help you find the way.

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