Sunday, March 15, 2009

Taking Our Cues

My wife taught me how to do latch hook art and ruggs. I watched her do it and took my cues from her. The only problem is that she is left handed and I am right handed so at first my efforts were a mess. Then I figured out the right handed way of operating the latch hook and things improved.

When we take our cues from the world, our lives will be flawed because the world has so many ways of doing things that are not God's ways. We need to take our cues from Jesus and follow our master teachers ways of living in this world. Jesus can remove our imperfections and create a lovely pattern for our living.

The world teaches us to get even Jesus teaches us to make things right by doing something good to those who do bad to us. The truth of that action is not always clear at first but it has been proven to work.

Be at peace with everyone including yourself.


  1. It is so easy to get caught up in the ways of the world isn't it. That's why we must be in constant prayer and we must be reading our Bible.

  2. I have adopted this philosophy...sometimes it is frustrating, even sad, but to turn conflict into happiness is the reward of business, we say "burn no bridges". The act of revenge is to put ego before good. In other words, to put ourselves before God.

  3. We talked about this very thing in my systematic II class, and how the world is tainted by the fall.