Sunday, October 25, 2009

On the Book of ROmans

Paul wrote his “Epistle” or letter to the long establish Christian Church in Rome. In Acts chapter 2 we find that there were Jews from Rome in Jerusalem who heard Peter’s sermon and accepted Jesus as the Messiah. They went back to their home in Rome and shared their faith in Jesus with other Jews in Rome. The church grew for over thirty years with out the presence of an Apostle. Paul wrote his letter to the Elders of the church because he planned to travel to Rome and this letter would tell them what Paul believed.

Paul’s other letters were to churches he had established and they wrote to him asking for advice on how to deal with problems. On the other hand his letter to the Romans was his Theological treatise and an introduction. It is well thought out and gives Paul’s comprehensive interpretation of the incarnation and the ministry of Christ. As a Pharisee Paul was a well trained theologian. In writing this letter Paul provided the Christian faith with a powerful theological statement and it became wide spread among first century Christian churches.

Down through the centuries the Epistle to the Romans has inspired people like Augustine, Martin Luther, and John Wesley and many others to an understanding of Christian theology at a higher plane. It still inspires people today to grapple with their faith in Christ. 

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