Monday, October 5, 2009

A shared thought about truth

The Possession of Truth

On day I saw the Truth shining like a bright star.
It was very small and I could see it fully.
“How great I am - I can see the Truth fully,” I thought.
“Let me go and possess it,” I decided. I began my journey in possession of Truth.
As I journeyed days and days my enthusiasm great greater.
I felt I was close to it and the day to possess it is not too far off.
But as I walked further I found a grew change.
The closer I came the bigger the star grew.
I journeyed and journeyed until I was surrounded by it.
I lifted my head to the sky and found myself under the radiance of the star.
I could see neither its beginning nor end.
I stood there motionless without knowing where to go.
Whichever side I saw I found its radiance.
When I started it was smaller than me, now it is bigger than me.
When I started it was outside me, now I am inside it.
I started in possession of it, now I find myself possessed by it.
I never knew the Truth appears small when you are far away from it.

You Are the Light: Rediscovering the Eastern Jesus
By John Martin Sahajananda

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