Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bird Everywhere

I thought shades of Alfred Hitchcock  yesterday afternoon.
As I was getting ready to cook supper I heard a great commotion just out side. Up until then I have not seen a Red Winged Blackbird in Louisville but there in my back yard were hundreds of them. The noise got louder and I went out the front door and the trees were filled with thousands of them and the sky was black with birds flying in to rest in the trees. I forgot all about fixing supper this was awesome. Within thirty minutes they were flying away and slap my head my camera was still on my desk.
When I lived in northern Indiana I use to watch the Red Winged Blackbirds every day so yesterday brought back many memories.


  1. I remember these flying through Southern CA a particular time of year. They used to come to my back yard to drink out of the pool. Then they were gone.

  2. Nice. I haven't seen them in awhile.

    Happy Thanksgiving Larry.