Monday, November 16, 2009

Dealing With Past Wrongs

Is it right to apologize for the past?

Gordon Brown is planning to apologize for the British government’s role in sending thousands of children to former colonies in the 20th centur.
What difference can an apology make now?Chin
Orphans and poor children were sent to Australia, Canada and elsewhere for a “better life”, but many were abused and ended up in institutions or as laborers on farms. Was the British government trying to do what was best for the children or just getting them out of their way? Who was really at fault? Who knows today?
The move comes as Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd delivered an apology for the mistreatment of the children in Australia.

Should governments apologize for past policies and events? Does an apology go far enough? Can a current government really make amends for actions taken in history?

I can make an apology for things I have done but I don’t feel that I need to or can apologize for the things my father did. History is full of wrong doings that are long past. We can acknowledge that they happened and even be sad that it happened but never make amends for what another person did.
How far can we go in dealing with the past?What

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