Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Political Power

As mayor of the City of Bellemeade I needed to keep up with the fast changing University of Louisville’s plans for the Shelby campus just East of us. I have been dealing with it since becoming mayor two years ago. Has it been that long?
The change has been from a quiet university campus with lots of green grass where kids played soccer to plans for an Office and Research Park to be developed by -not the university but private developers. The plans called for up to 150 foot tall office buildings. Hmmm Not what Bellemeade residents envisioned reght next door.
To be fair that land is the most valuable real-estate in the East End of Louisville. The University really needs the money this development will bring in. In truth the office park could enhance property values in Bellemeade.  However we wanted some restrictions on the part within 600 feet of our city limits. They did not want any restrictions.  It was expensive to have our city attorney and my self go to the rezoning meetings and keep asking for the restrictions but we did and we got most of what we asked for.
We are not finished the agreement still has to get through the Metro City Council during their approval of the rezoning ordinance. We will be there!
Big Grin


  1. You're the man for the job! Pray before everything.

  2. good for you... and keep us posted!