Wednesday, March 10, 2010


My father was a Ford mechanic and body man so I spent my younger years in a garage working on cars. If I did not have a summer job I was automatically working for dad. My brothers all loved it as they were not happy unless they were up to their elbows in grease. I on the other had can not stand to have dirt much less grease on my hands. It drove my dad nuts that I kept washing my hands all day. So I had an incentive to get summer jobs elsewhere in town. Though I did learn how to repair my own car.
That was also an incentive for me to get a collage degree so that I could find work that did not involve dirty hands. Life is full of incentives if we pay attention. Life is also full of alternatives if we will open our eyes and look for them. We are never too old to learn, as long as our minds are active. In fact keeping up our learning keeps our minds active. I am a proponent of the “Life Long Learning” program.
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