Sunday, April 18, 2010

Purple Socks

I once had a pair of purple socks that did not match anything else I had to wear. It didn’t matter though and I was never embarrassed that other people would know. People would seldom question me about the odd color socks and when they did I had an opportunity to tell them that I am an alum of Texas ChristianUniversity.
I am aware the Christians are sometimes like my purple socks and we wear our faith as though we might be embarrassed by off color socks. In my life there are moments when my Christian faith becomes visible for all the world to see. It happens when I speak by my choice of words and when I act by the love and kindness in my actions. Seldom do people question my faith but when they do I see an opportunity to share something of my faith with  them.
I may get another pair of purple socks.Cloud Nine

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