Monday, May 17, 2010

More on Marriage

In the American society we often find that both husband and wife are employed. The pressures of conflicting demands and too little time for each other creates stress on the relationship. With all the distractions couples can easily forget that strong, caring, and loving relationships need constant work.
With out constant attention to the relationship a marriage can wither without either noticing the decline. Couples can slowly and quietly drift apart.  Many couples remain married in name only and others live in a loveless relationship. At this point all kinds of events can trigger the dissolution of a marriage. The situation may seem hopeless to one or both and they start looking for comfort else where then infidelity, argumentation, alcohol or drugs take control. Anger can then come to a head and a rupture occurs.
There is help for the marriage. Many churches and counseling services offer ways to work through the issues and refocus the relationship. IT takes work and often more work than would be needed if the couple had worked on it all along. Meaningful communication is the key to renewal. Get help before it is too late.
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    Too bad we live in an overtaxed society where husband and wife both HAVE to work in a lot of cases.