Monday, July 12, 2010

Your Subpoena

Jesus was innocent but on trial and his life was on the line but he didn't retain any lawyers to defend him. He did subpoena all of us as his witnesses as though the trial continues. Today the call for witnesses is not to save the life of Jesus but to save the souls of people who are lost to sin. Sadly far too many witnesses are claiming the fifth and remaining silent.
Some witnesses seem to think at they can ignore the subpoena and they will not be missed among so great a cloud of witnesses. Yet every voice calling out the name of Jesus is important for the cause of salvation. Your voice, yes your witness for Jesus in you community is vital. If you do not speak up someone may be lost because of the silence. Every day is another day in the court of the world and your name has been called to appear and testify.
What is your response to the subpoena that Jesus issued for you to proclaim your faith publicly, loudly, and with conviction? We are all on the witness stand every day. Every baptized Christian has been sworn in. Everyone who claims the name Christian is subject at every turn to be ready to speak up for Jesus. Our silence is not an option, it is perjury. Jesus is still calling the faithful to the witness stand. Do you hear your name being called?

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