Monday, August 9, 2010

Control Yourselves

The human sex drive is powerful to ensure the continuation of the species. Lack of control of our sexual urges has gotten many people in deep trouble and cause considerable pain to those around them. A civilized society demands a certain amount of restraint in our sexual activity and is willing to punish those who do not comply.
Political and religious leaders often let power go to their heads and suddenly find themselves in public disgrace and even jail. I often wonder at how stupid people can be to think that they will not get caught. In today’s world with TV cameras everywhere and police sting operations much in the news the evidence for getting caught is high.
In the case of child sexual predators every community is on the alert and police are on line with officers pretending to be juveniles. We all know this and yet it still works. Men thinking that they are talking to youngsters take time to build up relationships and propose a meeting in explicit terms. They are in shock when they are arrested and their computer is seized for evidence. It is a sign of being stupid. I am glad that the police are being successful.
 Thumbs up!