Monday, August 30, 2010

What Did He Actually Say?

Sometimes a TV commercial will strike me in a way that is opposite of the way they intended. An example is a beer ad currently in play that ends with the phrase, “Stay thirsty my friend.” That phrase is the one I am suppose to remember so that the truncated form of the commercial will cause me to remember the longer version.
If I obey the injunction to stay thirsty I won’t be drinking his product. It could also have the connotation that if I do drink his product that I will still be thirsty. Neither of these ideas are the intended message.  
You know I got so hooked on the reverse meanings I don’t remember the name of the beer.Happy No


  1. Dos Equis beer... We often say "Are you thirsty?" before having others over for a drink or two...Everyone here knows that is code for "are you drinking tonight". I sandbag and drink soda out of a red cup so nobody knows the difference.

  2. LOL Bobby but "Are you thirsty?" is quite different than "STAY thirsty" It seems to me that Are you thirsty would be a better phrase.