Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rays of Hope

Life around us is what it is. Sometimes the surrounding circumstances are not particularly easy, cheerful or bright. Events or bad news can bring a cloud of gloom over us and could depress our spirits.
Sometimes our mindset can be like a cold cloudy winter’s day when we just feel like staying in wrapped snuggly in a blanket of remorse.
 Sad Angel
 Scripture reminds us that those who belong to Jesus the Christ never go through these times alone, the Holy Spirit abides with us at all times to fill us with light and joy. We need only to open our spirits up to God’s Spirit and feel the rays of love shinning though our window.


  1. He is nearest to us too when He feels, to us, farthest away.

    I have felt that a lot this past week. The image of Jesus carrying us during our hardest times comes to mind. (There is a drawing of Christ carrying someone according to the "Footsteps in the Sand" I saw this past week--will have to find it.)